Revealing our new design

As you can see at fantasy London Girls escort agency we have a brand new design for our wonderful website. We hope that all our regular gentlemen clients like it but also ask that our clients bear with us whilst we make the finishing touches and add information as we go along. Our beautiful cheap London escorts can all be found within our galleries and making bookings follows the same process as always. We still have a daily gallery which shows all our cheap London escorts who are available today so you can still make your last minute bookings if you need to.

As with real life shops and stores, our website is our window display and from time to time it needs refreshing and updating. It is all purely cosmetic and should in no way alter you experience when searching for your ideal cheap London escort or indeed making your booking. Our reception team are still available between the hours of 6pm and 6am so you can still speak to someone to ask advice or make your booking personally and in the light of the Ashley Madison scandal we do understand that clients are more likely to want to make their bookings over the phone than online.

As you can see from our gallery of gorgeous girls, we may promote ourselves as a cheap London escort agency however our ladies are anything but! Our stunning escorts in London are from all over the world and their own experiences are as varied as their looks so you are most likely to find someone who fits your needs perfectly.

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Our cheap London escorts are only considered so because we charge a very low fee in comparison to other escort agencies in London. We do this so that our clients can enjoy more time or more frequent encounters with our beautiful London escorts and therefore get the opportunity to make it more of a regular thing than a once in a lifetime occasion. Do remember though that it is only the fee that we consider to be cheap and not the escorts themselves. Our cheap London escorts are every bit as elite and high class as all the others in the city it is just that we do not charge clients an arm and a leg to enjoy their company.

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