Romance is dead with sexual chemistry created in a Lab


Genetic sequencing it seems is the way forward when finding a life partner. That’s the prediction of Imperial College Business school who state that in the next 50 years we will no longer be prepared to simply meet people in real life in order to filter out those who may not be suitable for us but instead prefer to undertake DNA matching to find the ideal playmate for pleasure. Now, we are all in favour of progression but perhaps this is taking it a little too far into a more clinical approach and whilst at Fantasy London Girls escort agency we prefer to be upfront and honest, there has to be a little bit of romance left, doesn’t there?

At our London outcall escort agency we have embraced the fact that gentlemen prefer a hassle free way to enjoy their sensual encounters. All our beauties offer a commitment free way to enjoy intimate experiences and provide a temporary authentic girl friend experience for all the fun without the fuss. Whilst that is perhaps not the best way to describe love at first sight at least there is some sight before the date and not just a matching sequence of numbers, next they will be telling us to use the three seashells approach when using the bathroom! (demolition man, futuristic movie)

Apparently research suggests that by 2040 less than a third of people will be using the face to face approach to finding a partner and whilst we have our online escort galleries and perhaps initial meetings are made based on a face to face approach the date certainly is! Profession and advancement is great but we are still humans and we need other human, physical connection in order to function properly.

Whilst we still have the ability, why not make a date with our gorgeous cheap London escorts and remind yourself as to why we need such intimacy in our lives. The next time you are thinking that DNA profiling might find your perfect partner look at our gallery and see whether you care too much if one of our girls shows an allergy to butter or a propensity towards catching a cold. DNA profiling is essentially scientific sexual chemistry determined in a lab and without all the fun and all the feelings and whilst dating one of our beautiful cheap London escorts is not going to find you your life partner, you will certainly have fun finding out the sort of things you could enjoy when you do find her!

The research was funded by online dating company eHarmony so it is not surprising that they would be keen to promote online and virtual meeting practices however despite the similarities between our agencies, at fantasy London escorts we like to think that there is a great deal of fun in kissing lots of ladies in waiting before finding your princess and in any case, don’t you want to be that man of experience before you do limit yourself to just the one partner?