Sand dogs. Scam or score?

Sand dog 3

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere off the Siberian coast for the last 3 months, you will have most likely seen the new craze of sand sculptures in a town centre near you. The first time you see them you are obviously amazed and impressed at the dedication and attention to detail. That poor man, braving the cold of the English ‘summer’ to sit on a cold pavement all day. The second time you see him you notice that the dog is the same. Not just the same, EXACTLY the same and you start to wonder.

Social media being what it is, soon tells you that there are a whole host of sand sculptors all around the country and they are all creating dogs. Why dogs? What’s wrong with a cat, a budgie or even a politician? Surely someone that artistic might want to stretch themselves a bit more? Perhaps it is because all the sculptors come from the same place, everyone describes them as being of Romanian, Albanian looks or maybe there is a school somewhere that only teaches how to sculpt dogs, well dog, just the one, as there seems to be just the one breed appearing on a high street near you. Perhaps they are all part of the same litter?

The sad truth of the matter is that it probably is a fake. No-one ever seems to actually see the artist create the dog, only brush away some carefully placed sand every now and then. Indeed if you spend the whole day out shopping – this might be a mission for the ladies then – you might want to go back later in the day to see if the artist is packing away his things. Is it a pre-made mould, does he have to stay until everyone is gone? Has anyone seen him pick it up and pack it away? Do you care anyway?

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