Sent your Christmas cards yet? Have a re-think!

With just a few days left to pop your Christmas cards in the post, you might want to re-think the tradition if you haven’t already sat and written them all out. This tedious task is probably one we remember from childhood where mum would get out the address book and start writing out cards to long lost relatives you hadn’t seen for years, sometimes ever! A few years ago we enjoyed the introduction of the e-card, so much easier at first until we realised it actually took hours to choose the right card and then still had to type out all the addresses, plus given that box sets are not available in this way, things can get a little pricey! A new twist on card sending has arrived this year in the form of alcohol as nothing says Merry Christmas better than a cocktail sent through the post!

The cocktails come in many different flavours and have a cheeky labels which can be personalised to the recipient and with saucy inscriptions like, ‘ Show us your baubles’ and ‘May I direct your attention to the mistletoe belt buckle’ you might want to re-think sending one to your Nan! At £12 each they are slightly pricier than a box set of cards so maybe reserve these for your very nearest and dearest, or perhaps just send one to yourself! With flavours which include gin, peach, green tea, apple and lemon or for the vodka lover there is vodka, raspberry, kiwi, apple and lemon or vodka, white cranberry, coconut, orange and chai they will certainly liven up the evening!

If that seems a little vanilla then why not go one better and liven up your evening with a cocktail freshly prepared for you at one of the local bars or clubs in your area. You won’t want to drink alone of course and we can help you with that at Fantasy London Girls as we have many stunners who can add that touch of sparkle and glamour to your night out. Your night in can be given an explosive edge when you make a date with any of our beautiful outcall escorts and the fact that they are happy to make outcalls to all areas of the South east means that they are happy to deliver themselves to your door! Much more fun than writing out boring old Christmas cards, in fact, after a few cocktails all thoughts of sticking your stamps will certainly be long gone!

With so much to do at this time of year, it can be a wonderful relief to take a little time out for yourself. Our beautiful London escorts certainly do have beautiful baubles and if you wear a mistletoe belt then who knows what might happen! Take a look at the galleries at fantasy London Girls and see which of their stunning escorts in London you would like to share cocktail hour with and then give them a call to make the arrangements for date.