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From the 12th to the 17th Century the ‘Liberty of the clink’ was a manor within Southwark. It was lorded by the Bishop of Winchester who seemed a fairly open minded person of the clergy for all intents and purposes. Most activities which were banned within the city of London were generally allowed to take place within the liberty area so brothels, drinking, gambling – all the fun things, tended to take place here. The Liberty became known as the pleasure quarter of the capital and grew to be full of bear-pits, brothels, taverns and theatres. These brothels were effectively licensed by the bishop and the ladies working there were offered some form of protection in life although in death they were offered no such respect and were buried in an area as far away from the church as possible in unmarked graves in a graveyard named the ‘single women’s churchyard’. Now known as the crossbones site in Southwark, you can actually visit this place where you will find iron gates adorned with ribbons, flowers and trinkets to add a mark of respect these ladies were never allowed in their time.
Southwark has always had a few quirky things up its sleeve and if you look deep enough you can enjoy different things to do other than the usual tourist attractions. Of course there is the London Eye, Tower Bridge and so on but it can be much more exciting to have visited the places that are not actually on the usual tourist trail.
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