Spooktastic fun

Whilst not a huge celebration in the UK Halloween is certainly big business across the pond and it is gaining momentum here in London. Most bars and nightclubs have been advertising special Halloween events that they have organised, most of them are for fancy dress with prizes and games in order to attract partygoers with a reason to come out and spend their hard earned cash. At fantasy London Girls escort agency we like to get in the swing of things so to speak and we have a number of ladies who have Halloween costumes with a sexy twist all ready and waiting to be worn!

If you are looking for something a whole lot more spookier then perhaps a visit to Kensington palace might be the ideal choice as you take the terrifying tour of past Kings and Queens who have shadowed the halls and engaged in spooky spiritualism with scary results. If that does not sound like something that is nearly as scary as you need to get your kicks then how about a tour of the Warner studios in Watford. A little further afield but we do have plenty of gorgeous Watford escorts  who could accompany you. The dark arts tour features some of the darker aspects of the Potter franchise and is perhaps only reserved for grownups with a more stoic constitution but for the ultimate in scare factor then it has to be the London Dungeons who are really outdoing themselves this year with their live actors, shows, rides and interactive special effects. Go back in time to Jack the Rippers East London as part of their 1000 years spooky exploration of London’s shadowy past. It really is not for the faint hearted so if you are dating a delicate flower then perhaps a fancy dress party where you go as a scary corn on the cob might be more conducive to an enjoyable evening. Whilst your beautiful escort date might want to cling to you for the duration of your date you probably don’t want it to be through fear!

As well as beautiful Watford escorts we also have stunning escort girls in all areas of the South East. We offer an exclusive outcall service to provide visiting escort services to gentlemen in central London as well as all the Home counties. If you are planning to attend a Halloween event then whilst we don’t want to scare you, we do advise clients to make their booking with their chosen beauty with some advance notice as we cannot always guarantee that escorts will have availability at the last minute and if your Halloween event will involve some forward planning and preparation such as costumes then your stunning companion will certainly not want to let you down because she was unprepared for your requirements. Alternatively you decide to hide away from all the fuss and simply enjoy a quiet night in with good company. Leave a bowl of sweets outside the door and turn all the lights off so no-one knocks and you have the perfect excuse for an intimate and private tryst.