Government warning to stay in today! -


Authorities have sent out a public warning for those in the South East today to stay indoors as they expect a cloud of toxic smog to hit the area. The level-8 red alert warns of bad air pollution that will affect many and cause ‘blood rain’ and a red haze in the air in parts of the South east. This is actually sand from the Sahara that has been blown over in the warm air we have recently been experiencing and it is very unusual for this time of year. So, given that you have been told to stay indoors, why not Netflix and chill with one of our gorgeous London escorts who can happily come and visit you anywhere in the South East!

It seems the worst hit areas are London and parts of Kent and Surrey and as we have plenty of escorts in these areas why not call us up and our beautiful Surrey escorts  and our gorgeous Kent escorts  will be more than happy to brave the danger and come and see you. Our agency is open all day and all night so even when the light dims, you are not out of danger so should still stay indoors and enjoy a nice quiet night in with a beautiful escort companion to keep you entertained until the smog disappears on Friday!

It is not often that the authorities give us a direct order not to go out so why argue, especially when you can be enjoying yourself so much more indoors. Our stunning escorts have plenty of ideas to keep you busy for the entire duration of the lock-in with many of our girls offering overnight trysts too. Well, better to be safe than sorry, right?

You can stay close to your PC and choose which of our stunning escorts you would like to spend your day with from the comfort of your own home and if you do venture out then our website is also accessible on your mobile phone too! We have a vast gallery full of beautiful escorts in London and the South east who come from all over the world so even if you have a particular preference for a certain type of escort then you can choose the perfect one for you to stay cooped up with.

Under normal circumstances, being forced to stay indoors might be a bit of a drag but when you can spend your time in the intimate company of any of our gorgeous young ladies then perhaps it is not so awful after all. Take a look at our galleries and then give us a call to make your date. We guarantee you will be more than happy to follow government advice for once! Call 07984111838