Straight escorts for duos

Most London escort agencies offer many different types of escort services. They can range from the more vanilla practices to something perhaps that is seen as a little more exotic. Duo encounters fall into the latter category although many men think that they have to choose two bisexual escorts if they want to enjoy a threesome. This is actually not the case as many of our straight London escorts are happy to enjoy a threesome with their client.

When a client books a duo encounter or a threesome as it is otherwise known the primary factor is for the gentleman to enjoy the company of two stunning London escorts at once. What is often overlooked is the fact that the two escorts do not have to actually interact with each other as long as they both lavish all their attentions on the client. Therefore you can enjoy a duo encounter with two straight escorts with no problem. If however the client wants to take a more voyeuristic approach and watch the two ladies enjoy themselves together then of course bisexual escorts are a requirement.

At fantasy London girls we have scores of stunning escorts in London who are perfectly happy to enjoy a tryst with another of our London escorts and their client. The like to make the client the centre of their attention for the duration of the tryst. This is usually what the client is looking for rather than taking a back seat in the action. When clients call and request a duo encounter we do ask what sort of involvement the client actually wants. This might seem like we are prying however in fact we simply want to make sure that the client get a much enjoyment from his date as possible. The aim of our reception team is to match each client with exactly the right kind of escort for his ultimate pleasure so please so not be offended if we ask what might seem to be nosey questions at the time of making your appointment. We are a discreet escort agency and no details are revealed to anyone however we can only match our clients with the most suitable London escorts if we know exactly what our clients want to achieve during their encounters.

Voyeurism is noted as being the top fantasy for most men so it might well be the case that a client wants to simply watch two of our ladies enjoying each other’s company. The thrill of watching something that is usually considered to be private is very powerful so of course bisexual escorts are ideal for such a scenario. Many of our clients like the fact that they are watching all the action when perhaps they are noticed by the two girls and then invited to join in. This would be the ultimate fantasy for many men and one which many of our beautiful bisexual London escorts enjoy very much. Why not speak to one of our team and let us help you fulfil all your fantasies. Remember we can only do so if you are open about your needs and desires. Call now and speak with one of our discreet and friendly team.