Stress buster encounters

Just back off of your holiday and feeling more stressed than ever? Don’t be surprised as recent research has shown that this is a more common problem than you think. People set so much store by their annual two week holiday that when it does not go as hoped it can be a real let down. There is so much organising to do and the pressure is really on to have an amazing time that the simple things like actually relaxing can often go out of the window! Put this together with the fact that you are usually spending two weeks day and night with people that you only tend to see a few hours a day or even less, in your usually life and this could be a recipe for disaster. You tend to notice those little niggly things that you may not have before or even ignored but when you are in constant contact with someone they can be made into something really annoying.

Another new added stress to the holiday is work. Our two weeks away is supposed to take us away from our jobs and allow us some time to relax and unwind. With today’s technology his is often not the case as we can check our emails on our phones and our laptops are readily available. The wifi around the pool and the time to just sit and do nothing is a recipe for disaster if you intend to get away from your work and colleagues do seem to think that because we have a phone it means that we are not really away from work at all. The pressure for us to perform well at work means that often we do not like to let the reins go and walking away from work entirely even if only for a temporary period can prove troublesome. Even more problematic is if your partner or group of friends that you are away with do not understand your need to stay in touch.

When you return you could do so wishing you had never gone and being more stressed than when you started. This is when it is an ideal time to enjoy a single hour of fun and pleasure with one of our beautiful escorts in London.

Why not book yourself an encounter with one of our beautiful London escorts for when you return home. You could see it as an extension of your holiday before you throw yourself back into the rat race of London commuting or you could see it as a welcome reward for being so patient with people you have been stuck with for the last couple of weeks. Either way it is a date that will focus entirely on you and your needs and can be a single hour of completely selfish time. Something certainly to look forward to and can be the very thing to banish the holiday blues upon your return to the city.