Strike it lucky!


Whilst Londoners are never particularly sympathetic to tube workers who strike, this week, for a change, the planned tube strike fell on a rather beautiful summers day. Strangely enough, not too many traffic jams were reported as they usually are although the taxi app Uber seemed to be taking advantage by upping their fares by over 200%.

One thing we notice at fantasy London girls is the fact that when a tube strike hits, our stunning London escorts are always very much in demand. Whilst many people enjoy the impromptu day off they do so without prior plans or arrangements. At fantasy London Girls, because we offer a daily gallery of ladies who are available at short notice this is very helpful in situations like tube strike days as people are not sure if they will be able to get into work or not and so do not plan too far in advance.

Happily the tube strikes do not tend to affect our beautiful London escorts as they use a cab service or our very own drivers to get them to their locations. The tube and train strikes tend to affect those who live outside of London and who commute in so the demand for the services of our beautiful escorts to locations in the South east increases also.

As a London escort agency we are one of the few establishments which offer our services beyond the city. If clients are in places like Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex or Surrey they can still enjoy a tryst with our beautiful escort sin the comfort of their own homes. And indeed if our outcall service is required to travel out to their homes then there is usually not too many problems on the road – the road issues tend to come when it is in Central London areas. Strange really, when you consider that most places in central London are within walking distance apart.

So with an unexpected day off the next choice is what to do with that time. Most gentlemen tend to opt for a lazy day enjoying the company of a sexy young lady in the city or the South East. Rather than having to go out anywhere it is so much more relaxing to have the stunning London escort of your choice come to you and have to deal with any travel issues. Our outcall escort service can offer that relaxing service and a few more besides! Why not take the opportunity to try something new and discover what other hidden desires you did not know you enjoyed! The most memorable encounters are sometimes the ones that are not planned so why not do something different today and give us a call at fantasy London girls escort agency.

We have an extensive selection of stunning escorts from all over Europe and if our escorts have managed to get to the UK from various countries of the world then they will have no problem getting to you even if there is a train strike.