The Force has awakened! -

The force has definitely been awakened with news that the long awaited film premier of the new star wars movie has triggered a surge in people looking online for star wars porn! The thought of princess Leia getting down and dirty with a Wookie has sent people into a tailspin and not even the news that Nelson’s Column was turned blue for the event raised a titter. Some people are taking the whole cos play thing a little too far we think.

Cos play – or role play as we call it, is something that is always in great demand. Our clients like to step out of their everyday lives once in a while and experience new and exciting ways to have fun. This may or may not include costumes but certainly it does involve taking on a role and usually includes some form of domination and submissive roles too. We have never had anyone request a Star Wars theme though although with the release of the new film to all the fanfare both in the UK and USA you never, know this weekend could see our very first Hans solo not playing solo anymore!

At fantasy London Girls we have a number of gorgeous London escorts who are more than happy to explore your darkest desires and whether they involve light sabers or not they are always keen to take on a theme and go with it! With the premiere happening in London’s Leicester square last night the film is now available to be seen in cinemas across the country so if you are looking for someone to go with then our ladies will be more than happy to offer an outcall date with you to the cinema. You might want to call it an all night tryst and have the escort of your dreams stay over or maybe just a couple of hours together will be enough to see the force awakened in you!

Our outcall escorts are available in all areas of the South East so you don’t have to be in Central London to enjoy a date with our girls. If you are looking for someone to join you at the cinema in West London then why not date one of our Queensway escorts  or perhaps if you are somewhere else in the South East, perhaps in Berkshire why not make a date with any of our Windsor escorts and you can guarantee that you will enjoy the film and your very own after party even more! Call Fantasy London Girls to make that date now on 07984111838