The Phonebrella

Finally something useful has hit the market and we believe is sure to become hugely popular – an umbrella that can be hands free! We have seen the idea before however this wonderful invention does not require the user to wear the umbrella on their head or strap it to their shoulder. It simply converts the conventional rounded handle to a circle which can be slipped over the owners arm, much like a bracelet leaving the user free to use their hands either using their phone or holding something without their umbrella flailing around in the wind (it’s always windy when it rains) poking passersby in the eye!

Sadly the design is just in concept phase at the moment with no clue as to when it is likely to be on the market so for now we still have to prop the brolly under our armpit whilst trying to open car doors, text, hold a coffee or anything else you suddenly realise you cannot do whilst holding an umbrella.

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Just think, you could be enjoying a date with one of our beautiful London escorts in the city with no regard for the weather whatsoever if you had a phonebrella. Obviously you would not be interested in using your phone whilst in the company of our stunning London escorts however you could still walk arm in arm with your hands free whilst still being protected from the elements.

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