There are sex toys and toys for sex!

Sex toys are nothing new, however a new book out, written by a nurse on a sexual clinic ward reveals that one woman in particular took the term sexy toys to a new level when she arrived at the A &E department with difficult walking and in some discomfort. It turns out that she had used her child‘s toy dinosaur as a sex toy and it had become lodged inside, hence the discomfort! With other shocking yet slightly amusing stories this book is set to be a good read.

If, like most of us, you like to experiment and find new ways of having fun there are certainly much safer options out there! A new gadget has been announced which couples a vibrator with the new Apple Smartwatch so you and your partner can have fun remotely with one of you controlling the fun from afar. Perhaps not something you would use in the commute to work although if taking risks in public is your thing, then go for it, as long as it does not cause a public indecency or offend anyone. If you prefer your fun to be a bit more hands on and personal then there are a wealth of different accessories and toys you can discover which can make things more vanilla or perhaps a little more exotic, depending on your preferences or open mindedness. BDSM has seen a massive growth in interest with the popular 50 shades trilogy, although many of our beautiful cheap London escorts will tell you that this is a fairly tame and unexciting book – life is (or at least can be in the right company) much more exciting!

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