Tired and run down? It IS Winter.

Have you ever noticed that once the clocks go back that’s when the sniffles set in. In the winter months we are three times more likely to feel run down or ill and a recent study by Tetley of 2000 adults has re-enforced this view. If you are a typical example of the people who took part in the survey, then you can look forward to three different flu viruses, four headaches and two sore throats before changing the clocks back again next spring! And you thought you only had Christmas to look forward to, Yay!

The report deduced that the most likely time your first bout of flu will rear its ugly head is the first two weeks of November so if you are not reading this with a box of tissues handy, we suggest you go get some now.

There are plenty of ways you can ward off these evils and none of them involve surgical masks or holing yourself up in a duvet on the sofa ready for a binge fest of Netflix. If you follow a few golden rules you can stay healthy and strong and not be one of those people who miss out on an average of 6 social occasions over winter due to ill health.

Keep hydrated – Central heating can mean hydration levels drop and the fact that your blood vessels constrict to help keep you warm can mean you don’t notice. So plenty of yuletide cheer is needed to top those hydration levels up.

Vitamin C- This keeps the immune system in tip top condition so add that orange juice to your vodka and you kill two birds with one stone!

Exercise – We don’t tend to do a great deal of exercise in the winter but this also helps keep you fit and able to fight off the nasties that are lurking in the air.

De-stress – Stress hormones can work against your immune system so find ways to relax and enjoy yourself, like those vodka and oranges and perhaps some sexy company too!

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