Tube etiquette


The British in general are known for their manners and reserve which are applied to almost every aspect of their lives. That is, unless they have the misfortune to be affected by someone not following the unspoken rules of using the tube system or Underground. Whilst there are tube maps and instructions on how to get from one location to another there are no written rules about how this should be done but just because there is nothing written down, does not mean that these rules do not exist and woe betide anyone who should break them!

For anyone living in London following the proper etiquette is simply a matter of copying the actions or inactions of your fellow travellers. Many people who visit our city notice a few different aspects that are different to the way their own countrymen travel. On the tube is it inconceivable to start a conversation with a perfect stranger and even eye contact is frowned upon! There are also hard and fast rules about where to stand on a tube train and the station as well, passengers should always allow other passengers to get off the train first no matter how many people are cramming to get on and anyone who does not comply will receive stern stares and perhaps even a great deal of public ‘tutting’ which is just about the worst thing a British person can do to display disapproval!

Given this understanding, the poor commuters at Holborn station were horrified to read the latest announcement from the ‘powers that be’ that the age old rule of standing on the right hand side of the escalators to allow those who want to walk, free passage, was to be scrapped in favour of allowing people to stand on both sides! Quelle Horreur!! Confusion and defiance ensued with large numbers of people totally ignoring the new ruling which in Britain is tantamount to an uprising!

There are many other unspoken rules including not walking down the tube when space becomes available and swiping your oyster card before the barriers have closed behind the person in front. These may seem like small niggles, but for those who travel on the tube system every day they are the very backbone of London society. When problems arise things can get tense.

This is perhaps why our London escorts are always so very much in demand by travellers and commuters. The anxiety and stress of travelling on the tube everyday and dealing with people who simply don’t follow these rules can sometimes get a bit too much. When this happens, a relaxing massage and a soothing caress is certainly what is needed to ease the tension and release all that pent up emotion.

Londoners, despite their outward reserve are extremely passionate and emotional and so having the proper outlet is very important to both mental and physical health of everyone who travels in London! If you are feeling stressed and strung out – why not give the girls a call at Fantasy London escorts and make your date with relaxation. Call 07984 111838