Tubes are our friends

The London tube system was the first of its kind in the world although in the last 150 years other countries have taken the idea and made it their own. The metro in Seoul is the largest however the London underground as it is known the world over is certainly the most feted and well known. The very first tube train journey took place on January 9th 1863 and brought passengers from Paddington mainline station into the city. Over the next few years the underground as it became known was extended to cover much of central London and the suburbs of Middlesex beyond. The tube was instrumental in the flourishing suburb towns which grew outside the central London areas.

Building the tube system required some amazing engineering skills of the time and in most places, the tunnels were dug out from under the existing buildings in the city. However there was one small exception in 1860 in Bayswater, which was a very wealthy district even then. Two houses had to be demolished to make way for the tunnel and because the area was so well to do locals fought for a solution to cover the offending sight of tracks and tunnel. A solution came in the form of a fake façade. The gap made by the missing two houses was filled with a fake frontage to make it look like the properties still remain. To this day you can visit these at 22 and 23 Leinster gardens in Bayswater.

Londoners use the tube all the time however more recently it has been suggested that these are perhaps not the best mode of transport around London. Given the fact that so many millions of passengers use the service very day, the trains have been getting slower and slower every year. Also the tracks are in need of a major overhaul with some parts of the lines still using the original tracks which were laid in the 19th century! Town planners and architects have been mulling over what to do for decades and this year a suggestion has been put forward to replace these tube with travelators instead!

This may well be the future of tube travel in London and indeed many of our beautiful London escorts seem to think that it might in fact be more pleasant than standing still for the duration of your journey. The fact that the tube system is so extensive means that our escorts can visit our clients in all areas of the city and is often faster than travelling by road.

With the impending introduction of 24 hour tube services it seems the demand for public transport right through the night increases unabated although there do seem to be problems in the organisation of this service. Many of our beautiful London escorts do prefer to travel by taxi when they meet with clients as dates can go on until well after the tube service shuts down so if you are planning a date which involves travelling around the city then perhaps book some road transport to get you home in advance. You don’t want to be wasting any of your precious date time waiting for a taxi cab.