Turn Black Friday Blue!


After scenes of shopper carnage last year, retailers made the big announcement that the Black Friday deals would be spread out across the entire week rather than take place on a single day. This, they hoped would mean that shoppers would all get the chance to bag the bargains that they wanted without any of the scrums and crush that were seen last year.

For the most part people have tended to stay away from the shopping centres and the malls and instead, taken to bagging their bargains online which is also handy if you are looking for something altogether more adult. When we think of Black Friday deals we do tend to think of electrical items that have been heavily discounted however all manner of different businesses try to take part and offer discounts in their products or services. As well as the major retailers there have been a number of more specialised companies offering amazing deals and massive discounts such as the more adult products and naughty adult toy sellers.

Love honey is one of the largest adult online retailers selling all manner of adult toys and accessories. One of their biggest selling items is the mains powered deluxe magic wand vibrator. Mains powered because no-one wants their batteries to run out at an inopportune moment! They are offering a whopping 55% discount on this and other items that are bound to make you excited in more ways than one! Some of the more upmarket companies such as Coco de Mer are also getting in on the action with discount on their double pleasure glass dildo – yes glass. Given that it is crafted so beautifully, you might be tempted to have it on display as an ornament rather than locked away in a draw!

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