We don't want it in a Welly!



So what is it with restaurants and bars who have a problem with traditional tablewear and flatwear. We have seen the demise of the plate and have put up with our food being served on chopping boards, sheets of glass and even in caps and mini-wheelbarrows no less(someone thought they were being really clever with a garden salad) but now the trend is simply getting out of hand with the news that a ‘trendy’ London whiskey bar is now serving their Whiskey cocktails, no, not in a glass, but warmed in a hot water bottle then served in a slipper! A SLIPPER!

JUST STOP. Twitter doesn’t like it and neither do we!


Whatever happened to the simple glace cherry, we used to like those, sitting there lounging nonchalantly on a cocktail stick. Now we have Rum cocktails in a welly and a hot toddy in a bloody water bottle. Just plain wrong. Where will it end and should we at Fantasy London girls escort agency also follow the trend for doing weird things with traditional ingredients.

How can we be cutting edge and ‘East London trendy’ with the services that we offer at our cheap London escort agency? Should our girlfriend experience include the silent treatment for an hour or perhaps an angry glare whenever you utter a word? Maybe our stunners should feign a headache for that truly authentic touch? NO. Let’s just keep things simple and enjoyable and not try too hard. There are only so many added twists one can take in a lifetime.

For a truly authentic encounter with no gimmicks or trendy, cutting edge ideas our beautiful escorts in London just want to have fun. Simple, fresh and almost pure in its sincerity. A relief to many after so much anal indulgence – that is another story and one we will cover in a different post .. just saying. We don’t need the extra shock factor because our cheap London escorts and the service they provide speaks for itself. One look at our portfolio of stunning escorts in London and you will see that you certainly won’t need a hot water bottle or any other enhancement to thoroughly enjoy yourself although accessories can always add to the proceedings but our escorts in London are definitely hot enough!

For those who don’t tend to go out in the city all this can seem a little bemusing but Londoners have had enough fancy embellishments used to justify rocketing prices. When we want a hot toddy cocktail just mix it up and put it in a glass and likewise when we want to enjoy an intimate and erotic tryst just have the lady come and visit us. We don’t need her to be able to speak 15 languages and we don’t need her to have enjoyed a private education. We simply want to enjoy a sensual and carnal experience with a sweet and friendly young lady at a price we can afford.

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