Where to enjoy a roasting!

After a hard Saturday night and the resulting hangover on Sunday morning there is nothing better than getting out of the house on a Sunday afternoon (once you can move away from the sofa safely) and enjoying a slap up Sunday roast just like Mum used to make it. Being British roast dinner week – yep it seems to be a thing – the five finalists for best British roast dinner 2015 have been released. Sadly none of the finalists are based in London with Nottingham taking the crown followed by Edinburgh and then Wales so you will have to opt for non award winning roast at your local gastro pub.
Some pubs have realised how much we all love a Sunday roast and have started even offering to deliver said meals to homes in their local areas so now you don’t even have to get out of those pyjamas to enjoy the best hangover cure in the world. If you do muster up enough strength to go out for lunch or even brunch if you are not too worse for wear, our stunning London escorts can be the most suitable companions to share your lazy Sunday afternoon with.
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