Your coffee drinking habits are a giveaway!

Is it a known fact in your household that no-one should speak to you before your morning cup of joe? Do you prefer to take your coffee black? Have you ever put salt in your coffee and not by mistake? All these things have been the subject of a new report which aims to see how our simple morning cup of java reflects both social trends and effects on health. It seems that if you prefer to take your coffee black then you have tendencies towards psychopathic behaviour, in our house that only occurs when there is no coffee at all! Putting salt in your coffee is apparently a ‘thing’ now as chemistry proves that sodium counteracts bitterness so instead of spooning in shovels of the white stuff, make sure it is the ‘right’ white stuff.

One great thing about coffee is the fact that you can spike it without being thought of as weird. Nobody ever ordered a tropical tea now did they? A few weeks ago it was International coffee day which meant that instagram was full of people adding all sorts of alcoholic shots and sweet treats to their humble cup of the black stuff so much so that many of them resembled an entire desert in itself! Coffee is definitely a conversation starter and a great way to break the ice with someone new. If you book a date with any of our cheap London escorts then why not offer to go for a coffee together and get to know one another before your date. That way you will know if you are likely to get along although it is likely that now that you have read this piece you will be taking more notice if they don’t take milk or if they add salt rather than sugar!

Coffee is a great way to introduce yourself, some people even use it as a chat up line. Many of our gorgeous cheap London escorts are often asked if they fancy a coffee, they would be jittering wrecks if they actually drank as much as they were offered! Incidentally coffee can wake you up. Our reception team know all about the joys of coffee especially after a 12 hour shift, some of them should be attached to the coffee machine through an IV drip!

If you genuinely wanted to go for a coffee with one of our beautiful cheap escorts in London or anywhere else for that matter then we can make the arrangements for you. If you just want to introduce yourself and perhaps spend a few minutes getting to know one another before you commit to an overnight encounter or something that means you spend quite a while together then it is a great idea if you can meet up beforehand just to make sure that you are likeminded and have similar interests. Don’t be surprised if we have a few questions about your coffee drinking habits when you call, as you can see, it can be quite revealing after all!