Acorn House -

10 Orsman Road, Shoreditch, London N1 5QJ  United Kingdom, Tel. 020 7033 0123

A critic of “The Times” called this place “the most important restaurant open in London over the last 200 years.” Acorn Eco House concept is not limited to the products on the plate. The served water from tap is filtered, and it is served in carafes to produce less garbage – no plastic and glass bottles of mineral water! Take a lovely London Escort for a dinner there! The walls and floor were painted in green paint. Even the staff is encouraged to come to work by bike. Where did the idea for one hundred percent eco-friendly place? – The ecology is a very topical subject but little is still being done. People need to understand that they themselves contribute to climate change, and their children may not have a place to live – says Arthur Potts Dawson, chef of Acorn House.