Inamo -

134-136 Wardour Street  London W1F 8ZP, United Kingdom, Tel. 020 7851 7051

Inamo has the great innovation, which is an electronic menu installed in every table. Founders of the Restaurant – Oxford graduates Danny Potter and Noel Hunwick wanted to spread the concept to other countries. I’ve had enough of the situation, when you first wait for the waiter to order something, and then to pay for it. Therefore we decided to come up with premises where such nuisance is not an issue – says 27-year-old Danny Potter. I just created electronic bauble, which from a distance looks like a normal table covered with a tablecloth. Up close, it looks like a plasma TV screen or computer. By pressing the appropriate function, we can see pictures of dishes and order them electronically. You can take London Cheap Escort to this kind of restaurant to show her the new trends in a restaurant business. It is amazing how much time you will both have. Call now and book a date!