Out and about in Piccadilly Circus with our cheap escorts

Most tourists travel to Piccadilly Circus when they visit London. Our very own Piccadilly Circus escorts are available to provide companionship no matter what you want to do in the area, whether you are looking to wander around and visit the sights or simply stay close by and enjoy the attentions of our beautiful companions. Here are just a few things you can do if you want to get out and about in the area.

Piccadilly Circus is a junction between Piccadilly and Regent Street in the City of Westminster of West End London. It is a round street opening with a lot of stores and outlets. It is a hub for marketing and shopping buffs. The area is close to all the shopping complexes and entertainment hub of the West End. The Piccadilly Circus is a busy meeting place and a fast paced traffic junction. It is an important tourist place. The buildings on the northern side are well covered by huge displays and neon lights. The place also hosts the statue of Eros and also the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain. Several important and well known buildings surround this place. Some of the notable ones are London Pavilion and Criterion Theatre.

Piccadilly tube station is an access to the London’s underground tube service. There are several retail stores, night clubs, restaurants and bars for the people to enjoy the nightlife of London. Piccadilly Circus has been illuminated by the advertising hoardings for the last century. The south eastern side of the circus hosts the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain which was erected to commemorate the philanthropic work of Lord Shaftesbury.

The Criterion theatre is on the south side of the Piccadilly Circus. It houses the box office area and also a 600 seat underground theatre. It was erected in 1874. London Pavilion is on the north-eastern side of the Piccadilly Circus and is one of the oldest buildings of the region.

The Piccadilly Tube Station is located directly beneath the Piccadilly Circus. The tube station lies on two lines, one being the Piccadilly line between Green Park and Leicester Square and the other being the Bakerloo line between Oxford Circus and Charing Cross. The buses ply quite frequently and the car hire facilities are also nearby. There are upscale hotels and some of them have really exquisite restaurants. The night life is quite well known and people throng to this locality on weekends in the evening.