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In the years prior to an first lunar landing, The country was lagging behind a bit in the space race. The Soviets had both the first satellite and the first man in space, While north america had two thumbs and an asshole and that was about it. Realized that it would require something truly grand to one up Captain Pinko and his Kosmonaut Armada, And that turned into something the moon landing.

Chiefs’ Jeremy Maclin needs three receptions to sneak Dwayne Bowe’s season record for WR(8

"I will refer to our allies in Asia, In the european countries, At the center East and elsewhere, Clinton talked about. Admin of State John Kerry, Speaking until the failed missile launch, Said the usa would do"Whatever is essential" To protect itself, Columbia and other allies against North Korea. Defense admin Ash Carter reaffirmed that any attack by North Korea would be defeated, And any use of nuclear tools"Met with an effective and too much response, A joint mantra said.